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The North Carolina Teaching and Learning Hubs support full-and part-time faculty and staff educators from North Carolina community colleges in their efforts to build equity in learning and student success.

This work compliments college based professional learning. Since the program launched in 2021, the Hubs have worked with local campus networks to offer virtual and face-to-face workshops and seminars – helping educators learn about, adopt, test and scale evidence-based strategies that have increased equitable student success outcomes across the nation. And to ensure that local area needs are met, Hub programming is designed in close collaboration with local educators and campus leaders.

We invite you to use this page to explore archived professional development opportunities that support your teaching & learning goals. Please don’t hesitate to connect with Monique N. Colclough, Ph.D. if you have any questions at

We ask for faculty ID information to inform our analysis of student academic outcomes resulting from faculty participation in professional eLearning offered through the Teaching and Learning Hubs. 

All data including the colleague ID # are stored on secure servers with restricted access. All data reporting will be in the aggregate and will be de-identified including the suppression of any results lower than n=10 to ensure confidentiality. 

For more information on data security and confidentiality please contact Monique Colclough ( or Sarah Deal (

June 2023 Annual Hub Planning Meeting Group Photo

Archived Session Synopsis

These archived presentations provide exploration of alternative grading methods to foster holistic learning experiences in the classroom.

These archived presentations provide insight through examination and integration of artificial intelligence technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

These archived presentations explore innovative approaches to assessment and feedback to optimize student learning outcomes.

These archived presentations focus on implementing effective classroom strategies to cultivate an engaging and productive learning environment.

These archived presentations guide educators through the process of course design, syllabus enhancement, and transformative pedagogical approaches.

These archived presentations explore strategies to promote diversity, foster inclusive practices, and cultivate a sense of belonging among students and faculty. 

These archived presentations address comprehensive student support strategies to ensure holistic well-being, academic success, and alignment with institutional strategic goals.

These archived presentations examine innovative instructional strategies and practices to enhance student engagement, comprehension, and retention.

These archived presentations specifically explore effective online teaching strategies to optimize student learning outcomes and engagement in virtual classrooms.